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Our pregnancy and postpartum hydrating skincare range soothes, hydrates and protects sensitive skin, helping you feel more confident and radiant.

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New Collection

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" I’ve been using the Clarifying Trio my acne has calmed down and my skin looks soooo much better!!"

Turning facial redness, breakouts and dry patches into smooth and glowing skin is what we do best!


Banish that dull tired skin

Our products are all natural, sting free and don't cause redness like products in the shops!

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Happy Customers

- Alex

Australian Pink Clay Mask

"The mask is super easy to apply and remove plus a little bit goes a long way. My skin is so much clearer and I haven't had a breakout since I started using it! I've never been consistent with using face masks but this one will definitely be a part of my skincare routine from now on."

wild tropic skincare australian pink clay mask

- Kathryn

I have been using another salon brand which i thought was good until i kept breaking out in pustules. I have also been struggling with “mask-ne” during lock down. I absolutely love the Clarifying range, since i have been using it i have seen my skin calm down, my pores are more refined. Friends have openly said my skin looks great what are you using? Absolutely LOVE WILD TROPIC!

wild tropic skincare clarifying gel cleanser

- Sarah

"Notice smoother, more even toned skin. Big fan of the fresh feel I get from the cleanser and exfoliant. Thanks guys!"

- Casey

"Since being pregnant I've had breakouts followed by really dry skin (particularly on my chin). Thus, when I wear foundation it would flake and look gross by midday. Since using your product my skin has more moisture in it and my foundation lasts all day again. I love the polish stuff as it gets rid of any crap on my skin.
PS: it all smells lovely!

- Natasha

"A few days in and I totally rate your facial products!! It makes my skin feel really smooth and soft. It smells great! The mist toner? I’ve never done that before. So much quicker. And I realised a little goes a long way with the cream."

wild tropic skincare Hydrating Skin Essentials Bundle (Sensitive/Dry/Dehydrated)

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