wild tropic skincare Hydrating Skin Essentials Bundle (Sensitive/Dry/Dehydrated)
Hydrating Skin Essentials Bundle (Sensitive/Dry/Dehydrated)[SAVE $31]
Hydrating Skin Essentials Bundle (Sensitive/Dry/Dehydrated)[SAVE $31]
Hydrating Skin Essentials Bundle (Sensitive/Dry/Dehydrated)[SAVE $31]

Hydrating Skin Essentials Bundle (Sensitive/Dry/Dehydrated)[SAVE $31]

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Everything you need to soothe, soften and hydrate your sensitive skin.

Suitable for all skin types, including those prone to rosacea and eczema.

🌴 What is it?

Bundle of the essential Hydrating Range for Sensitive/Dry & Dehydrated Skin.

This kit includes:

1 x Hydrating Cream Cleanser (Step 1) 125ml

Key Active Ingredients | • Rosehip  • Cucumber  • Aloe Vera  • Desert Lime

1 x Hydrating Toning Mist (Step 2) 125ml

Key Active Ingredients |   • Quandong  • Papaya  • Kakadu Plum

1 x Hydrating Moisturiser (Step 3) 60ml

Key Active Ingredients | • Hyaluronic Acid  • Desert Lime  • Green Tea

🌴 How do I use it?

STEP 1. Hydrating Cream Cleanser - Use morning and night.Gently massage in circular motions onto damp skin, avoiding eye area. Rinse away with warm water or face cloth. Follow with Hydrating Toning Mist & Hydrating Moisturiser.

STEP 2. Hydrating Toning Mist - Spray a fine mist over entire face and neck after cleansing. Follow with your Hydrating moisturiser. Use daily.

STEP 3. Hydrating Moisturiser - Apply a small amount to your face morning and night after cleansing and Hydrating Toning Mist. Avoid eye area. 

STORAGE | Store in a cool dry place.

🌴 What's in it?

Customer Reviews

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Melissa Kaisuva
My go to

I have seen a big difference in my skin after using the hydrating range. My skin is sensitive and prone to breakout/ eczema and I find the range to be really gentle on my skin and has prevented any flare ups. I am definitely loving the mist, cleaner and cream.

Eve L.

I have been using the Wild Tropic Cream Cleanser, Toner & Hydrating Moisturiser now for two weks, and my skin is plumped, radiant and fresh! I have had compliments from others in the past couple of weeks mentioning how great my skin is looking - I put it down to Wild Tropic!

Claire L.

Absolutely obsessed with the cleanser I get to try a lot of beauty products and this has to be my fave in a long time it’s so gentle and smells absolutely amazing.

Rose P.

Absolutely love these products. Such high quality. I can tell a lot of effort has gone into producing and perfecting this formula. Obsessed!

Ebony M.

Absolutely love my new skincare bundle! It is perfect for my dry and sensitive skin as it does not cause irritation and it makes my skin so soft. Not to mention that it is natural and smells amazing!!!


Check most frequently asked questions here,
if you still need help then please contact us at hello@wildtropicskincare.com.au
Is the Australian Pink Clay Mask for all skin types?

Thh gentle ingredients in the Australian Pink Clay Mask are suitable for all skin types—including sensitive and acne-prone skin. It soothes and softens the skin.

How does the clay mask fit into my routine?

We recommend exfoliating and masking your skin once to twice a week (approx. every 3-4 days)

The Wild Tropic brightening exfoliating crystals & clay mask are gentle and non-stripping, so you can use it twice week with no fear of irritating or drying your skin.

Is the set available for sale in stores?

For now our products are only available online.

What ingredients make the Wild Tropic Skincare hydrating cleanser & moisturiser so special?

The Wild Tropic cleanser and moisturiser set feature all-star hydrating and soothing ingredients like aloe vera and hyaluronic acid, —to keep skin soft and smooth.